Acne treatment tips

Though acne is associated with teenagers, men and women of all ages can suffer from acne. While some men and women are lucky and do not have any acne at all, due to hereditary factors , usually as a person will grow older the acne will reduce. However as the appearance of a person becomes increasingly important, young people are willing to spend any amount of money to be acne free. How to treat acne can further divided into
– identifying the cause of the acne, hereditary, diet, lifestyle
– changes in diet
– changes in lifestyle, exercises
– applying creams, ointments, some of the more popular creams, ointments are
Ayurvedic – Vicco turmeric
Local- Clearsil
International – Proactiv
– acne scar prevention
– acne scar treatment – Mederma
– home remedies for acne like applying lemon, lime juice, orange peels, turmeric paste
– treatment at beauty parlours, cosmetic surgery