Most women in senior corporate jobs have flawless skin

In a clear indication that beautiful women with flawless skin have an unfair advantage in the corporate world, and the government, most of the celebrities and women holding senior positions who are covered in the mainstream media, mostly have flawless skin.
While it is true that acne will greatly reduce as a woman will grow older, women who had acne when younger will usually have some scars on their skin, which will adversely affect their career, especially in large corporates in India. It is the harsh reality which the indian mainstream media does not acknowledge or report about, because various cosmetic companies are their major advertisers.
However many well educated women realize this too late, when it is difficult to make a career change, At the entry level, most companies are least bothered, however after some time, a woman with less than perfect skin will get a lot of comments on the oiliness of the skin, the pimples and acne on the skin, and unsoliticited advice on how to treat these skin problems.
There are very few women owned businesses in India, men continue to control most businesses, and they choose what kind of women will be successful in the companies that they control, and women with acne are at a disadvantage .