Acne problems in winter and summer

Even for older adults, there are a lot of variations observed in acne problems depending on the weather. During winter in any area, the weather is cooler and drier, with humidity levels lower, and people tend to sweat less, so the chances that the pores of their skin will get blocked are far lower.
During summer, the humidity levels are higher, and most people tend to sweat more , as their body tries to reduce the temperature when the ambient temperature of the surroundings is higher
The problem is particular acute in coastal areas, where humidity levels are higher, compared to interior areas, why there is dry heat.
More dirt will also tend to stick to sweaty hands, increasing the possibility that a pimple or cyst will be formed due to bacteria clogging the pores.
So those who have acne prone skin or are more likely to get pimples on their face, have to be careful about their complexion and skin during summer when humidity levels and temperatures are higher, ensure that the skin is kept clean.